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Rakuten Mobile: Rakuten SIM cards are available online as well as from retailers in Japan. These travel SIM cards rely on the NTT DoCoMo network. They can be recharged with extra data. No one can call you on your cell phone: With the exception of Mobal's voice + data SIM, Japan's SIM cards for short-term travelers are usually data-only, meaning you can't call or text, or even receive phone calls. Although, if you're still doing that, you're probably one of those people. This company offers a Data SIM Card designed for travelers who will be in Japan only for a few weeks. The Visitor SIM has a cost of ¥3,223, which is equivalent to $28.78. When buying this SIM card for Japan, you will enjoy 5GB of navigation at 3G / LTE speed for 21 days and in case of exhausting the MB, you will be able to recharge 1GB for ¥500

Japan Sim Card - Data + Voice + SMS . Below is a comparison table of the data plus voice plus SMS SIM card options for Japan. These are available primarily for foreigners staying in Japan for longer periods, such as students and expats. Note that Mobal sim cards can also be used by tourists as they offer set periods of 30, 60 or 90 days. A 30-day card can be used for less than 30 days. Our recommended providers also offer longer term sim card options which are detailed in the table below Acheter une carte SIM Data pour le Japon vous permet de rester connecté à internet durant votre séjour, tout en gardant votre téléphone personnel. conditions Carte SIM valide pour 8, 16 ou 31 jours d'utilisation Can I make / receive phone calls? No, our SIM is a data only SIM card and does not support voice call and SMS (same as almost all the prepaid SIM sold for visitors in Japan). But you can make calls through VoIP apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, etc The Mobal Voice+Data SIM card is perfect for a long-term visitor to Japan - you can enroll on to an ongoing plan and cancel any time you like - there is no contract or hefty termination fees. The bonus of this SIM Card is that you will also get a Real Japanese phone number - great for opening a bank account, calling back home or if you need to phone your landlord JAPAN 8 DAYS UNLIMITED DATA SIM CARD - Japan . RM 79.00 JAPAN 8 DAYS UNLIMITED DATA SIM CARD. RM 91.00 . RM 79.00 -+ Stay in touch once you land abroad Prepaid SIM card for use in Japan. Purchase online and collect them at Travel Recommends counter before you depart for Japan.

They have 30-, 60- and 90-day packages with 7GB of fast data, and they offer full English support. They also have free worldwide shipping, so you can get your Japanese SIM sorted before you touch down. You can arrange airport pickup at Haneda, Narita, Kansai, Fukuoka, Sendai, Nagoya and even Singapore if you prefer 【UQ-mobile】Fastest Data SIM card in Japan UQ-mobile was voted as the best buy cheap SIM card option (2017) in Japan, with 90% customer satisfaction. This year UQ-mobile won two different awards in customer service. UQ-mobile has one of the fastest data speed for cheap SIM card deals in Japan All SIM cards allow users a certain amount of data depending on the plan they have. However, there are SIM cards with voice capability (Data+Voice) and SIM cards without voice capability (Data-Only). Having voice capability simply means that you have a Japanese phone number and that you are able to make traditional phone calls and send SMS

Japan SIM Cards: Prepaid and Cheap Options for Travel

  1. Sakura Mobile's Japan Tourist SIM is one of the most popular travel sim cards for Japan. This SIM works with your iPhone, Androids, Blackberry
  2. IMPORTANT. -Pocket SIM for JAPAN is a mobile data communications service with NTT Docomo's Xi© and FOMA©. -You will only be able to connect to the service for SIM cards validity period which is indicated on the card. After this you cannot use the SIM card
  3. imum of 7GB of 4G LTE data per month (larger plans available if needed). If you use more than your high speed data allowance, your data will slow down, but the amount you can use is unlimited - plus, you can buy more high speed data if you need it
  4. SIM cards are mainly categorized into two different types in Japan—data only, or data+voice. For most tourists who don't necessarily have voice calls needs, we would recommend data-only SIM card more as it is easier to order and more economical. Although you won't be able to get a Japanese phone number, you could still make phone calls through apps like WhatsApp or Messenger
  5. g company and one of major MVNOs in Japan. They.. WirelessGate . Wirelessgate Prepaid SIM service offers.
  6. Data SIM signifie une carte SIM de données offrant uniquement un accès Internet. Par conséquent, il sera impossible d'appeler ou d'envoyer des messages avec votre carte Data SIM. Toutefois, cela ne concerne que les textos et messages du réseau japonais. Tous les messages basés sur Internet tels que WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. seront accessibles. Passer des appels.
  7. Our short term Japan SIM cards are great for tourists, business travelers or short trips to Japan. You can choose between Voice+Text+Data SIMs or Data-only SIMs. Get your SIM shipped to you before you travel or pick it up when you arrive in Japan! Short Term SIM Cards. Check out the options below to find the best short-term SIM for your tri

The 9 Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Japan in 202

  1. This prepaid Japan SIM Card for tourists gives you totally unlimited 4G LTE data in Japan for 12 days. The SIM card is Multi-size and fits in any unlocked device. Technical Specs. Unlimited Data included to use over 12 days 4G LTE Data speeds Works on the Docomo network giving you great coverage throughout Japan SIM can be used for tethering/as a WiFi hotspot to connect multiple other devices.
  2. JAPAN NTT DOCOMO FAST 4G DATA SIM CARD The period of the speed throttling is based on the sim card data plan. JCR offers two options for our data service: Data Allowance Plan - Does NOT throttle at any time. Your plan includes a data amount (allowance) which is able to be exceeded at anytime (with an additional per GB fee) during the rental period. The Unlimited Data Plan: Is throttled.
  3. Data-only SIM card [edit | edit source] In 2018 Mobal launched Softbank Prepaid Data SIMs for visitors to Japan with real unlimited data: for 8 days: ¥3,990; for 16 days: ¥5,990; for 31 days: ¥7,490; Voice and data SIM card [edit | edit source] The Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM offers both Voice & Data on a non-contractual basis. Visitors to Japan can avail of the 30, 60 or 90 day plans. Long-term visitors can choose an ongoing plan. Note that with initial purchases of a voice SIM a fee of ¥.
  4. There is also a prepaid SIM card available for tourists, called the Tourist SIM. It comes in two options: Hello Kitty and Mt.Fuji. SIM cards come with 1GB of data valid for 31 days and is data-only on 3G and 4G/LTE

Buy a data-only SIM card from major electronics retailers in Japan like Yodobashi Camera or BIC Camera. You'll find branches of these stores all over Japan, including Shinjuku and Akihabara in Tokyo, and near Osaka and Kyoto stations. These stores carry prepaid SIM cards that are aimed at tourists It expires 18 months after last use. No need to look for a new local SIM card when you arrive at destination—keep this SIM card for all your future trips! It's easy to recharge or check your balance thanks to MyDataSIM, or via www.transatel-datasim.com, which let you access your account even if you have no data left Prepaid SIM for Travel Others; Price: ¥6,500: ¥5,610: ¥7,150: Data Volume: 1GB 3GB Best Offer! 3GB: 10GB: Validity: 31days: 30days: 90days: Voice Calls: N/A: Recharge: ¥1,620/500MB: N/A: SIM Size: Regular/Micro/Nano: Advantages ・Carrier official so stable network quality ! ・Card designs you would want to collect ! ・Easy on-line. Japan Prepaid SIM Card for Travel. Free data access to the Apps, unlimited data, so many prepaid SIMs to choose from! AnyFoneJAPAN Prepaid SIM is the perfect choice! SIMs for short trip to long stays; Unlimited Data plans; English language support; No contract needed; Easy setup; Get SIMs at our airport stores! You can buy our Prepaid SIMs at our airport stores (Except New Chitose Airport.

It has recently become possible to purchase prepaid voice/data SIM cards in Japan. These cards are called the B-Mobile PayG Sim. They cost Y9,980 are good for one week from the date of activation. They include 60 minutes of domestic and international calls and 3G of data With OneSimCard, our international SIM card will provide you with low-cost prepaid Japan cell phone service as well as international cell phone roaming in 200+ other countries. You simply pay for the calls, texts and data you use and keep the same international cell phone number no matter which country you are in Bonjour, je cherche la carte sim la moins chère pour la data, les offres changeant souvent et ne lisant pas le japonais je fais appel à vos lumières :D merci d'avance ! (mon utilisation sera limité à la recherche d'info et réservation d' hôtel donc je n'ai pas besoin de beaucoup de données et je veux pouvoir faire ça on the road sans être scotché au wifi du 7 ou du FamilyMart : We also noticed issues with other tourists getting the SIM cards to work due to settings in Japan. When we left Japan to go to SE Asia we opted for data SIM as they were unlimited tourist SIM cards and the Carrier companies actually took your phone and set it all up for you on the spot so it was working prior to leaving the airport

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Best Prepaid Sim Card for Visitors in Japan in 2021

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